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Book Review

I love to read.  Like really love to read.  I would devour whole books in a day’s time during the summer growing up.  I have trouble remembering some things about my childhood, but I can distinctly remember reading the Anne of Green Gables series while listening to REM Monster on my discman.

But on to the book I most recently read…  I joined a book club recently and this was my first meeting.  We did brunch, which is probably the best meal of the day.  But, the book we read is called The Sisters Brothers by Patrick DeWitt.  I would not have chosen this book in a million years to read.  It’s a western, though it’s a comedy as well.  I think it being written as a comedy, really helped me get through the book.

I actually LIKED this book.  It’s written in the perspective of one of the Sisters brothers, Eli.  The brothers are contract killers for a man called the Commodore in Oregon City.  Their current task is to go to California and find a man in San Francisco that the Commodore wants dead.  Their journey does not go well.  Charlie, the other Sisters brother, is a drunk who loves his brandy.  He is also cruel to everyone around him, including his brother.  Eli on the other hand is a dreamer.  He wants nothing more than to quit the business he is currently in and become a merchant.  And to marry a woman and bring her home to his mother.  On the way to California the boys meet up with calamities including a witch, a mauled horse, a random kid who gets his head hit a lot, a red bear, and plenty of others that would do them harm.

The brothers eventually get to San Francisco and find that their contact, a dandy of a man, has run off with the guy they are supposed to kill.  Eventually the brothers find out that the reason that the man, Warm, is to be killed is that he has a formula that illuminates gold, making mining that much easier.  Here, nothing good comes from anything.

I won’t tell the ending of the book, only that I liked the end in that the dynamic of the brothers’ relationship was very much changed.  Charlie wasn’t allowed to be his usual cruel self in the end.  Eli gets to take charge and make his stand and get to go home to his mother’s.


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I am a Jewish woman living in Baltimore. My husband and I enjoy movies a LOT. So, I thought I'd share our knowledge of movies, food, and life in general.

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  1. Awesome book review! How did your parents spark and nurture your love of reading, btw?

    • They read to us starting at a young age (birth?). I remember my brother being able to “read” this haunted house story with Mikey and Goofy before he actually could read. He knew it by heart. My sister and I caught on to reading and have really stayed with it. My brother used to read a lot more. He never really had the same interests as us, but my mom encouraged his reading of history books and the like. He could probably tell you anything about the Civil War.

      I think it was just reading to us, encouraging us to find what we like to read, and then giving “incentives” for finishing books.

      • Thank you, Jewbroadwrites! I love to read but am having a hard time carving time for it in my schedule. I appreciate that I can vicariously enjoy books through your reviews. Thank you for the insight into your love of reading. Was your mom at home a lot when you were little? If not, when during the m did she read to you? I find reading to my children hard to fit in with all the household chores. Thank you again and keep reviewing!

  2. Thanks Yehudis! My mom worked the night shift when we were growing up (school-ish age), so she was always home during the day, but she was sleeping most of the time. At this point in my life, I can still enjoy reading for fun as I don’t have kids, so I have NO idea how you have the energy to do anything! I do have to say that having an e-reader now makes fitting in some reading so much easier. I put it in my purse or bag and can pick up reading at any point.


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