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The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

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Yes, you are reading that correctly.  I watched this movie.  Maybe you don’t even remember seeing the previews back in 2010.  The only reason I even saw this movie is it was on Encore, so I could see it for free (with my monthly cable payment).  But before I get to the synopsis, I have to admit something.  I heart Nicholas Cage.  He’s a TERRIBLE actor.  I know this.  And yet, I can’t seem to get enough of him.  He’s had some honestly good movies like Moonstruck and It Could Happen to You.  But then there are some really bad movies that I totally enjoy such as Gone in 60 Seconds (though Angelina Jolie looks like a skank in that movie), The Rock, and Ghost Rider.  So, I don’t claim to watch only Oscar winners or indie films that invoke lots of thought.  I do enjoy some really “dumb” movies as well.

On to the movie.  When I first saw this movie was available, I really wasn’t sure I could take how bad this movie looked.  Nicholas Cage has long hair, a long trench coat, and is a sorcerer.  But I got over my reservations and watched the movie.  I’m actually pretty happy I did.  The premise of the movie is that Balthazar (Cage) is trying to prevent Horvath (Alfred Molina) from releasing the ultimate bad witch, Morgana, from the magic prison.

A boy named Dave (Jay Baruchel) is introduced to this struggle at age eight and is forever changed.  He is mocked as a child, but grows up to be a very skill physicist (in college).  Again, he ends up getting pulled into the fight between Horvath and Balthazar.  But this time he gets involved with magic.  He ends up becoming the apprentice to Balthazar.  We also learn that Balthazar was the apprentice to the famed magician Merlin.  As was Horvath and Veronica (Monica Bellucci, who is super hot), but back in the day Veronica chose Balthazar over Horvath and releasing Morgana is Horvath’s way at getting back at them.  So while this is a movie about “magic” there is of course the love part thrown in.  Dave’s crush Becky ends up getting involved and taken by Balthazar.  There is lots of fighting and a great ending to the movie, even if it’s super predictable.

Honestly, my biggest complaint with this movie was not Cage’s acting.  It was Jay Baruchel’s.  He was so whiney and annoying, it took away from Cage’s one not acting ability.  Yes, the character Dave is supposed to be a loser in life and love, but this actor did not step out of himself enough.  I found myself wanting ANY actor but him to be in the movie.  I’ve only seen Baruchel in movies where he’s played smaller parts (such as Knocked Up and Tropic Thunder).  He’s been fine in these roles.  Being in a starring role does not seem to agree with this actor.

All in all I give this movie a 6.5 out of 10.  You will not gain any brain cells by watching this movie, but it’s entertaining non the less.


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  1. I agree those were two of his best movies. I also liked him in Con Air and The National Treasure movies (mainly because I like movies that mix in adventure and history). I seem to recall watching this one as well and liked it.
    Did he ever get his teeth back to normal – at one point in time he had so much work done to them they looked like one white shiny mass!

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