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Garden Week Three

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Garden Week Three

So, it’s been three weeks since I decided to put together and plant a garden.  The weather here has been strange in that it’s been cold (well, in the 40s-60s) to hot (today is in the 90s).  We’ve had a week of consistent rain, strange pop-up storms, and predictions of rain with nothing to show for it.  I guess that’s the usual for spring in the Mid-Atlantic area.

It seems that with weeding out one of the squash plants the other two are doing better.  I still need to select one of these as the one I hope to grow.  My garden cukes are not growing.  My container ones are THRIVING.  Any thoughts?  Also, my red beefsteak plant has this one green tomato on it.

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  1. Remember, cukes (like squash) like to be planted on hills with lots of spacing to roll and they should have at least 12 inches between each plant if I can recall correctly.
    How are your other tomato plants doing?

  2. It could also be the heat. Cukes need water and the heat is sucking the moisture out of the ground. Were the garden plants and container plants planted the same day? the same way?

    • No, I bought the cuke plants for the garden area as little bitty starting plants from the farmer’s market. I bought the container cuke as a bigger plant, though it has grown to 3-4x its size already. Again, that makes me think that I need to thin out the ones in the garden area.


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