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So sorry that I haven’t been around, but I went on an AWESOME vacation!  My parents invited my siblings and I (and our significant others) to go on a cruise.

Parents chillin in the room

My brother opted out, as he wants to save his vacation days for later, but my sister and her husband did go.

Ish and Allen

The nice thing about this trip was that it left out of Baltimore, so no pre-travel for me!  This was actually the second time I’ve taken this same trip on the Carnival Pride.  I’ve heard from other people that they prefer other lines such as Royal Caribbean, but I had a good experience on Carnival both times.

What I love about cruises is that you have to worry about NOTHING.

Towel Monkey

You have your room, you get a card that is your key, your payment method, and your ticket to getting on/off the boat.  That’s really all you need, other than a bathing suit, a towel, and sunscreen.  Plus, there is no real traveling.  I didn’t have to fly to the islands, I just boarded a boat and ended up at the beach.

Towel Bunny

LOVE it.  Some down sides to cruising is the timing of the excursions and the cost of extras.  I dislike arriving at a gorgeous beach at 7am on my vacation and then having to be back on the boat by 2pm.  What is that???  I’m on vacation!  Also, if you want to buy a mixed drink, be ready to shell out $10 each.  It stinks.

My parents are professional cruisers, so they have imparted the tricks of the trade on us.  You can bring

Towel Dog

some water bottles on the trip, so my advice is to pour some clear liquor in some water bottles to bring on.  I was able to get a full bottle of Captain Morgan Spiced

Towel Dino

Rum on in my suitcase as it was hidden within my shampoos and stuff.  Ernie tried to get some bottles on, but since he didn’t pack any toiletries (I had them all), the bottles were easy to find, and they were taken from us. (My bad)  Lesson: put your liquor in empty water bottles.

Anniversary Serenade

We celebrated our two year anniversary on the trip.  After a rocky start to they day, I got to lay on the beach, check out a conch grave yard (awesomeness!), and hang out at a shack.  This was not any shack.  This shack had every version of conch you could

Rum punch!

eat.  Which, my mom managed to do…  I ended up getting some fried plantains and I may have also drank two

Me (doing something)

rum punches…  Unfortunately there was probably orange juice along with pineapple juice in the rum punch.  I was done for the day.  Not because of the alcohol, but because of the juice.  So, it kind of sucked at dinner when I couldn’t eat anything but some cake (I couldn’t NOT eat my anniversary cake!).

Port Lucaya (Freeport)

It again rained while we were on Half Moon Cay, which sucked.  I did get to snorkel


for a bit, so that was awesome, but the rain was pretty steady for more than an hour and a half, so it wasn’t just a quick passing shower.  There really isn’t much to do on the island anyway, as it is owned by the cruising industry.  I do


like Freeport, mostly because you get that “I’m in a foreign country” experience.  To get to the beach/shopping, you have to take a taxi.  It’s a $5/person charge, but the funny thing is that the taxis stuff as many people as possible into a single taxi.  It’s hilarious.  There’s also usually no air conditioning.  And you may stop on the way to buy like $5 in gas so you don’t break down….  Ah, foreign

Debating drinks

travels :).  We discovered when we got into the straw market that the bar where we had the buckets of rum had closed down :(.  Not cool.  We did enjoy a drink called a painkiller, which was delicious.  We tried to get another on the way out from this discount bar.  But he made us long island iced teas instead.  Not what we asked for, but really cheap….  My mom may have stopped for another drink in the terminal area as well….


Drinking while being T-Rex

As for the activities/entertainment, I think you get what you want to make of it.  I went to trivia pretty much every day.  I love trivia, so that was a great late afternoon activity for

Ladies Night

me.  I don’t play Bingo so much, nor did I want to pay money for it, so that was out.  I did go see the comediens that were on board.  Two of them were ok.  They each had their moments.  But the third was a lady and she may have been the funniest person I’ve seen in real life.  She was awesome.  The

Ladies Night Food Aftermath

shows at night are only ok.  I do love musicals and all, but review shows aren’t my thing.  Though the last night was the show where some of the guests play different stars and sing.  OMG, awesome!  Elvis was so bad yet so good.  I enjoy cruising, but Ernie didn’t like it as much.  Even with the boat as big as it was, he still felt confined.  Plus, he’s not a lay out/get sun/read/listen to music kind of person, so the days at sea were extra difficult for him.

This is what I came home to:


And Garden updates:

Zucchini and cukes

Japanese eggplant, radishes, lettuce, yellow squash


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  1. Looks like you had an awesome vacation!

    PS – Pun is looking less and less like an alien as he gets older.


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