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One For The Money

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I realized I haven’t written a movie review in awhile, so I figured I owed it to everyone to write about this movie.  I unfortunately hurt my back on Sunday morning when cleaning cat litter (teaches me to get a cat/clean litter….).  But it did give me time to watch a movie.  Let me just say I’ve read all the Stephanie Plum series of Janet Evanovich‘s books. The nice things about her books are that you don’t actually have to read them in order.  Yes, the story line does continue on to some degree, but the first chapter is always more of a summary rather than new information.  The books are not serious, let’s be honest.  But they are entertaining and great beach reads.  I do recommend them, though some of the books do feel a bit more formulaic than others.

The basic plot of One For The Money is about Stephanie Plum, a divorced out of work female, who tries her luck at becoming a bond enforcement agent (bounty hunter).  Her first major case is her ex-boyfriend Joe Morelli, a cop.  She does track him down, but she’s so inexperienced, that he is able to get away from her.  Stephanie gets some pointers from a mysterious and hot bounty hunter named Ranger, but mostly she just relies on her knowledge of the ‘Burg and shear luck.  Morelli convinces Stephanie he is innocent, so she helps him solve his case to collect his bond.  There may also be a car that blows up, Stephanie gets handcuffed naked to the shower rod, and a sassy ‘ho named Lula (FYI, I love Lula).

This is not Jersey

That’s all I can really tell you about this movie.  Again, having read the book, I had ideas in my head about the characters.  First off, there is NO WAY that Katherine Heigl looks like a 30 year old slightly pudgy Jersey girl.  Her accent is TERRIBLE. Not Jersey at all.  I may also have a slight prejudice in that I don’t think that Katherine Heigl is a good actress.  I did like her in Grey’s Anatomy.  But then she left because her ego was bigger than her talent (or so I think….).  My next qubble is with who they

picked to be Morelli.  Don’t get me wrong, I do love Jason O’Mara.  He’s quite attractive.  But, I don’t see him as Italian Jersey.  His acting is fine, so I’m not critisizing him per se.  I’m criticizing the use of him as Morelli.

I guess my biggest issue is that I felt nothing for the characters.  I wasn’t empathetic to Stephanie for her divorce.  I wasn’t laughing along with Grandma Mazur.

The awesome Debbie Reynolds

I wasn’t getting the full Lula, attitude and all.  I wasn’t picking up on the sexual tension between Stephanie and Ranger.  I was digging Ranger.  I think they made a GREAT choice in Daniel Sunjata.  He is HOT.  And he was AMAZING on Rescue Me.


All in all, I’d probably give the movie a 5 out of 10.


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