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It’s Sunday morning and I’ve been up for a long time already.  I woke up to watch the end of the women’s marathon finish.  It was a great race and Shalane and Kara did so well.  Team USA did win gold in the women’s double tennis match.  Serena Williams is amazing!  She wins individual gold, then turns around to win in the doubles with her sister.  I for sure have Olympic fever!

Spiced Rum from Turks and Caicos

As I was up early, I also decided to whip up a batch of the zucchini bread.  I’ve been soaking raisins for 24 hours in spiced rum we got on Grand Turks during the cruise.  I decided to make them muffins this time, and they turned out pretty great!  I might try more raisins next time to really boost the flavor.

I also wanted to write about two AMAZING beers I had last night.  The first one was one I’ve had before in cans, but not on tap.  I went out with Ernie and my co-workers to celebrate the leaving of one of them.  We went to this restaurant called Sticky Rice.  It is known for it’s great tots, sushi, and noodle dishes.  I have to say, the tots were good.  I got two of the vegan rolls, which were supposed to be spicy.  I was pretty underwhelmed in the spiciness of the dishes.  So, if you go, please don’t expect that the “Gardens on Fire” made with vegan mayo is going to be super spicy.  But it was pretty good :).   What I had to drink was the EXCELLENT Fat Tire by New Belgium Brewing Company on draftNew Belgium Brewing Company.  It was amazing.  It’s one of those beers that you can drink and appreciate its taste, but not be overwhelmed by any aspect of it.  It’s not overly hoppy (I do NOT like hoppy beer), it’s not too malty, it’s not too sweet, it’s not sour at all, and it doesn’t taste boozey.  It actually is “only” 5.2% ABV.  It is honestly one of my favorite “drinking” beers.  If you want to try a beer and haven’t found one that you liked, try this one.

After we were done dinner, I was still game for chilling, so Ernie and I went to Max’s Taphouse in Fells’ Point.  They have 91 beers on tap, three of which are cask conditioned and two of the 91 are nitro pours.  This is a beer lover’s paradise.  I immediately wanted to try a bunch of the beers, but decided on one that sounded especially interesting.  I chose New Belgium’s Cocoa Mole Ale.  O. M. G.  This may have been one of the best beers I’ve ever had.  It is definitely more boozey than the Fat Tire, as it’s at 9% ABV.  But you don’t taste the alcohol.  You do taste chocolate.  It’s like a liquid dark chocolate accented with cinnamon (though they don’t list cinnamon as one of the ingredients) and this sort of tingling on your tongue that is a definite chili presence.  Now, the beer isn’t spicy at all, in that it’s not like eating a jalapeno.  It just has that tingle that you get when you are eating things that have a lot of spice to them.  I urge anyone that likes beer at all to try this.  Cocoa Mole Ale

If you can’t tell, I’ve also changed up the look of the blog a bit.  Let me know what you think!  I do want to know!


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  1. Oh man! New Belgium is just around the corner from me. They have some excellent brews! The CocoaMole is one of my faves as well.


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