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Spicy Peach Jam

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Chopped peaches

It is the height of the summer bounty, and I am reveling in it.  I think I’ve eaten my weight in tomatoes, zucchini, peaches/plums, and a variety of eggplant as well.  The farmer’s market has been overflowing with all these items, and I fully intend to take advantage of it.  So, I went and got some seconds from a stand.  If you’ve never gotten seconds, you’d be surprised at the quality you can get.  A lot of times the seconds are fruits that need to be eaten right away.  So, that just means you need to find a use for them right away.  I suggest either eating them right away, making a pie, or canning them for later.  I decided to do the latter.

Spicy Peach Jam

  • 3.5 pounds of peaches (about 8-10)

  • 3 cups of sugar (I used a combo of white and brown)
  • 1.5 TBSP lemon juice
  • Hot peppers (2-4 should work)
  • 1 package pectin

Jam cooking

The first step is to peel and chop the peaches.  There’s a great article about peeling peaches on  Just be careful not to burn yourself when taking the peaches out of the boiling water.  When the peaches are peeled and chopped add them to a wide bottom pot.  Turn the heat to medium high.  Add the sugar and chop up about two of the peppers.  I deseeded the peppers to make my life easier later and not have to strain them out later. I also added a third pepper to the mix, but just cut slits into the sides of the pepper to steep it in the mixture.  Lastly, add in the lemon juice and the pectin.  Allow the mixture to heat to simmer for 10 more minutes.  If you get lots of foam, you can skim that off.

Pectin (liquid!)

Pre-blended peaches

Take out the whole pepper and using an immersion blender, blend most of the peaches.  I prefer a jam with a little bit of texture to it, so I didn’t blend it all.  After the peaches are blended to your liking add the hot pepper back in.  The jam may not look like it’s setting, but it

Post blend

will.  It’s actually better if you end up putting it in the fridge, but you can store the jam for later.  If using pint or half pint  jars, process the product for 10 minutes.

Spicy jam done


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I am a Jewish woman living in Baltimore. My husband and I enjoy movies a LOT. So, I thought I'd share our knowledge of movies, food, and life in general.

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  1. Yum (though may have to cut back on the hot peppers with me. 😦 Feel free to grab the peaches from our yard next time please. Though they are usually ready about mid to late July.

    • The cooking of the peppers make for a much more mild burn than you would think. And I will TOTALLY take you up on the peaches offer next year!

      • Great they are white Georgia peaches – the kind I believe that originated in Delaware City, back when it was the peach capital on the East Coast.

        Also, I use Hot Pepper jelley over cream cheese (low fat of course:-) and makes a delicious dip/spread. I would love to try your jelley this way as well!

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