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Garden Update (End of Summer)

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I haven’t written about my garden in awhile.  One of the reasons is an animal has been eating my eggplants.  I go out to the garden one day and have an eggplant that just needs a day or two…  Then I go out two days later to harvest, and the eggplant has been eaten!  Ernie saw a groundhog on the property the other day, so we think that’s what’s been getting at it.  I guess next year I need to build a fence around the garden….

Another reason is my yellow pear tomato plant has taken over the garden.  It’s true.  Most of the other tomato plants now can’t grow due to this plant having grown so tall and wide.  Note to self: prune this plant.  The funny thing is that while there is a TON of fruit, it just never seems to mature.  There is a ton of green little tomatoes, but not so many yellow.

Tree in garden

I went up to the garden this week to see about some eggplants and tomatoes and noticed that a tree from the back of the property had fallen over and INTO my garden.  Now I have these branches encroaching on my plants!  I brushed back a branch or two of the tree and tried to get a few tomatoes.  I brought them in along with a few jalapenos.  Then I started to talk to Ernie and absently scratched my wrist.  It swelled up immediate.  CRAP.  I have poison ivy.  I ran upstairs to shower and put Tecnu on the site.  I thought I got it.

Poison ivy on wrist

I was wrong.  The next day I ended up with poison ivy not just on my left wrist but my left and right biceps, my right forearm, my left armpit (NO idea how it got there!), behind my right knee, and on my right  ankle.  Yeah, I had it bad.  I made it through half a day before I HAD to go home.  After a few more Tecnu baths, I realized it

Poison ivy on right bicep

stopped spreading, but the itch wasn’t going away.  So, I picked up some Ivy Dry next.  So, I tried that for a few days, but the area around the sites were drying out and getting itchy.  So, I wanted to get SERIOUS about getting rid of the poison ivy.  I bought this stuff called Calagel.  It’s also made by the people who make Tecnu.  It immediately stopped the itching.  It’s WONDERFUL.  But, I now have some hypersensitivity to hot water.  Not sure what’s worse (the itching….). 

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Sorry this posting is gross, but I guess I just wanted to put it out there that poison ivy sucks.  I hope no one gets it.  EVER.


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  1. I am so glad you found something that worked! Make sure Ernie gets those leaves of three for you!

    • I let the management company know about it. I need to double check that they know NOT to burn the stuff. That would be the icing on the cake… Poison ivy in my lungs 😦

  2. That poison ivy looks terrible! I hope it’s getting better!


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