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Our New Addition

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Our New Addition

I have come to realize that I have NOT been great about posting.  I really need to stop beating myself up over this.  I’ve had a lot going on lately.  We have adopted a new cat!  This has not been an easy process.  I think at year anniversary of the passing of Ernie’s cat Ozzy was when a corner was turned.  I think at that point Ernie became more open to adopting a new animal.  I suggested (read: got a little whiny) getting a dog.  But, we decided that getting a dog was what I wanted, not was WE wanted.  So, a cat it was.


I suggested we adopt the new animal from the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter.  Right now they are offering free adoptions through the end of October as part of a contest to win $100K from Rachel Ray.  Plus, I used to volunteer at BARCS, so I thought this would be a good plan.

The Pun!

Our first attempt at getting a cat didn’t go well.  We arrived 10 minutes before they were closing one day.  My bad.  So, we went back the next week, which was an open house/Orioles promo day.  The place was MOBBED.  But we stuck it out and went on a hunt for a new cat.  There are so many.  I feel so much any time I see animals in cages.  It’s SO tough.  But you can get a feel for the temperament of a cat pretty quickly.  If they start reacting to you being there, they are going to pay more attention to you overall.  If you see a cat more distracted by everything else, they may be more likely to be more independent.  So, after seeing a few cats, we went into the Kitty Korner room.  All of a sudden this arm comes reaching out for us.  The cat does these cutie faces and rolls over and meows at us.  We got him out of the cage and he burrowed in Ernie’s arms.  It was love at first paw.  So, after a few minutes we decided that Noodles (their name) would be coming home with us post-surgery (he needed to be neutered).

Noodles at the shelter

So, at the appointed time to be picked up, Ernie went back to BARCS to collect Simon (our name!) and he was not neutered.  He had developed an upper respiratory infection(common for shelter or bordered animals).  The shelter had warned us and we felt that Simon would do better in a home rather than the shelter trying to get better, plus we could bond with him.  So, for almost two weeks we had a sick kitty at home.   The issue was with another cat already in the house, we had to restrict the new cat’s movements.  So, he was confined to the back bedroom the whole time.  He had his own litter box, food, and toys, so it wasn’t completely austere, but still…

Lounging Simon

Finally we brought him back to BARCS for his surgery.  As it turns out his URI isn’t completely gone, but it was enough so that the surgery could happen.  We are now introducing him to more of the house while Punim sleeps during the day.  Our goal is to give Simon another couple of days to recuperate from the surgery before trying to introduce the two cats.  I know there will be some tensions between the two, so I don’t want to get them both riled up and have Simon pull some stitches.  But here’s hoping for them to get along and for Simon to whip Punim into shape.  He is hefty, so we’re hoping that a younger more agile cat will get Punim moving again.



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  1. Congrats on the new kitty! He looks a little like Punim, minus the crazy and evil alien.


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