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Friday Flicks: Once

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Once Poster

I actually haven’t seen a movie in a bit.  Nothing has really piqued my interest lately.  Plus, I’ve been REALLY into the books I’ve been reading lately.  I hope to write up something about them pretty soon.  So, I decided to dig into my “repertoire” for a movie that I’ve enjoyed.  It also just happens that I’m trying to convince my mom and sister that going to see the Broadway version of Once would also be a good idea.

When asked by my sister to describe what the story is about, what I could succinctly remember was that there was this guy and girl who made BEAUTIFUL music together and develop an unfulfilled love for each other.  I think what draws me to this movie and keeps doing it, is the raw emotion that it invokes.  The potential for love that the two share, and yet they both return to relationships that have given them so much pain in the past.

But, I’ve gotten ahead of myself a bit.  The basic story is fairly simple.  Boy meets girl.  In this case, the main character is just named “guy”.  He’s a musician trying to make it on the streets of Dublin, while working for his father in a vacuum repair shop.  Girl sees guy on the street and asks him about his music.  She also is a musician, and the two go to the piano store where she occasionally plays.

Guy and Girl

She plays very well, so the two of them decide to write and make music together.  The guy reveals that much of his music is about his long term love who cheated and left.  The girl in turn reveals that she is in fact still married (he found out when he went back to her place and saw she had a daughter), but he is still in the Czech Republic.  He decides that he wants to officially record the music, so the two of them get studio time and a few back up singers and officially make a demo that he is going to take with him to London.

Beautiful scene

What’s great about the movie is that their music is intertwined with the story line.  It’s not just them singing at the demo sessions, but the songs are sung at a party, on a bus, etc.  I also love the anonymity or generality that the characters are given.  The two aren’t given names, so they really could be anyone.  All in all, this is a great movie due to the chemistry the two have together romantically and musically.

Youtube of Once

Rating: 9.5 out of 10.


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