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As I’ve said, I moved this winter, which means I couldn’t continue with my garden set-up from last year.  I debated whether I should do the CSA that is popular around here (I’ve participated in the past) or start over with a new garden.  Since one of the things that drew me to this place was the outdoor space, I decided to garden again.

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I was up against a lot.  The girls that lived here previously planted some stuff, but I have no idea what.  I did see some oregano and mint, but they had started to completely take over the upper part of the back garden.  So, it took me about three weeks and a bunch of blisters, but I was able to clear the back and the side areas.  The big things I put in are a fig tree and a blueberry bush.  I also put in various tomatoes, spicy peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, eggplants, radishes, carrots, beets (yellow and candy cane), onions, garlic, and carrots.  I also then planted some lettuces and I got a planter with various herbs.

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I then decided that I wanted my garden to be more sustainable, so I got a rain barrel and a composter. Hopefully I will have some good updates all season long.


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I am a Jewish woman living in Baltimore. My husband and I enjoy movies a LOT. So, I thought I'd share our knowledge of movies, food, and life in general.

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  1. Fig tree wow! Wouldn’t even know where to get one. Are they winter hardy?

    • According to the tag and other blogs of people I read, they can be fine in our climate. They do recommend mulching, which I still need to do. Unfortunately I may never reap the benefits from the tree, but hopefully others will 🙂

  2. Beautiful terraces to grow your goods and a fig tree! I am going to plant one also. Best of luck in the garden.

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