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June Foodie Pen Pal

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Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted.  I’ve had a bit of an issue with inspiration.  Plus we had a wasp issue.  Yeah…  But, I get to share with you the most AMAZING box I got!

This month I got a box from this amazing girl named Angelina.  She’s 21 years young and is studying to become a graphic designer.  This is all apparent in the box she sent me.  It all started with the wrapping on the outside.  I have never received a package that’s decorated on the outside!

Decorated outside

Decorated outside

Inside the box I got lots of new gifts!  There was a note about who Angelina was.  There was a great recipe to make my own banana chips.  And then the food…  There was seaweed snacks, banana chips, these AMAZING mango nut crunch snacks, Burts Bees chapstick, this meal pack, hazelnut wafers, and guava candies.

June Box

June Box

The most awesome part was this chocoate covered honey comb.  I am saving it for a fierce sweets craving.  It looks absolutely amazing.

Can't WAIT to eat

Can’t WAIT to eat

If you have ever thought about doing the foodie pen pal program, this box should convince you that you DEFINITELY should.

Here’s info about the program:

Foodie Penpals Terms & Conditions

Condition 1: You will contact the person you are matched with withing 72 hours of receiving your match to discuss dietary needs, allergies and food preferences.

Condition 2: You will make an effort to meet the dietary needs of your penpal- ie not sending animal products to vegans, dairy products if your match tries to avoid dairy or junk food if they ask for healthy snacks.

Condition 3: You will mail your box by the 15th of the month. It is HIGHLY recommended that you purchase delivery confirmation/get a tracking number for your package. It is very inexpensive and can be used to prove that you sent your package in the event that it gets lost.
If your match does not receive a package for the month, you will receive a warning. If it happens two months in a row, you will no longer be able to participate in the program

Condition 4: In the event that you do not receive a package, Lindsay and The Lean Green Bean blog cannot be held accountable. By agreeing to participate in FPP, we cannot 100% guarantee that you will receive a package. The mail gets lost occasionally and your partner may fail to deliver.

-Condition 5: Using the foodie penpals email list to send out personal or spam emails promoting your blog, giveaways, etc is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Doing so is grounds for immediate dismissal from the program as it is a violation of the other participants’ privacy.

The Lean Green Bean

Garden update

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So, it’s been a few weeks since my original post on my garden.  Things have mostly taken off.  The seeds that I planted are only kind of working.  No signs of beets or carrots yet.  Here’s hoping they will show at some point.  Also, I think the heat from last week seems to maybe have killed one of my hot pepper plants and my garlic maybe.  But some of the tomatoes have gone CRAZY!  Also, you can see the yellow squash growing!!