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Hi!  I’m Jordyn and my husband’s name is Ernie. 

We live in Baltimore and enjoy living the city life (even if we just moved right outside city limits).  Currently it’s the just the two of us and a cat named Punim.  Unfortunately you’ll probably never see Punim in person as he’s a big scardy cat.

The Pun!

My stupid cat...

We love movies.  Between the two of us, we’ve seen thousands.  I pretty much refuse to see another Western, but I’ll pretty much see anything else.  One of my favorite movies is Goodfellas, which is where the name of this blog comes from.  Lorraine Brasco plays a Jewish woman “prejudiced” against I-talians.  As my husband is Italian, this movie has sort of become our movie. I hope to share my love of movies.

But, I have other loves in my life, mainly cooking.  While I may not make the prettiest food in the world, I enjoy eating.  I also happen to be a vegetarian.  I have been one now for half of my life.  I love vegetables.  The only one I don’t love is bell peppers.  Weird, but true.  Much of my cooking is adapting recipes that I’ve found and using what I may have on hand.  I think that’s what cooking really is about.

I have other loves in my life.  I’m a big fan of reading.  I wish I could say I just read classics, but mostly I love mystery novels and vampire novels (NOT Twilight).  I also volunteer fairly frequently with a few organizations.  I also have found a love for exercising, mostly running.


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