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Garden update

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So, it’s been a few weeks since my original post on my garden.  Things have mostly taken off.  The seeds that I planted are only kind of working.  No signs of beets or carrots yet.  Here’s hoping they will show at some point.  Also, I think the heat from last week seems to maybe have killed one of my hot pepper plants and my garlic maybe.  But some of the tomatoes have gone CRAZY!  Also, you can see the yellow squash growing!!


My NEW garden

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As I’ve said, I moved this winter, which means I couldn’t continue with my garden set-up from last year.  I debated whether I should do the CSA that is popular around here (I’ve participated in the past) or start over with a new garden.  Since one of the things that drew me to this place was the outdoor space, I decided to garden again.

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I was up against a lot.  The girls that lived here previously planted some stuff, but I have no idea what.  I did see some oregano and mint, but they had started to completely take over the upper part of the back garden.  So, it took me about three weeks and a bunch of blisters, but I was able to clear the back and the side areas.  The big things I put in are a fig tree and a blueberry bush.  I also put in various tomatoes, spicy peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, eggplants, radishes, carrots, beets (yellow and candy cane), onions, garlic, and carrots.  I also then planted some lettuces and I got a planter with various herbs.

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I then decided that I wanted my garden to be more sustainable, so I got a rain barrel and a composter. Hopefully I will have some good updates all season long.

Garden Update (End of Summer)

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I haven’t written about my garden in awhile.  One of the reasons is an animal has been eating my eggplants.  I go out to the garden one day and have an eggplant that just needs a day or two…  Then I go out two days later to harvest, and the eggplant has been eaten!  Ernie saw a groundhog on the property the other day, so we think that’s what’s been getting at it.  I guess next year I need to build a fence around the garden….

Another reason is my yellow pear tomato plant has taken over the garden.  It’s true.  Most of the other tomato plants now can’t grow due to this plant having grown so tall and wide.  Note to self: prune this plant.  The funny thing is that while there is a TON of fruit, it just never seems to mature.  There is a ton of green little tomatoes, but not so many yellow.

Tree in garden

I went up to the garden this week to see about some eggplants and tomatoes and noticed that a tree from the back of the property had fallen over and INTO my garden.  Now I have these branches encroaching on my plants!  I brushed back a branch or two of the tree and tried to get a few tomatoes.  I brought them in along with a few jalapenos.  Then I started to talk to Ernie and absently scratched my wrist.  It swelled up immediate.  CRAP.  I have poison ivy.  I ran upstairs to shower and put Tecnu on the site.  I thought I got it.

Poison ivy on wrist

I was wrong.  The next day I ended up with poison ivy not just on my left wrist but my left and right biceps, my right forearm, my left armpit (NO idea how it got there!), behind my right knee, and on my right  ankle.  Yeah, I had it bad.  I made it through half a day before I HAD to go home.  After a few more Tecnu baths, I realized it

Poison ivy on right bicep

stopped spreading, but the itch wasn’t going away.  So, I picked up some Ivy Dry next.  So, I tried that for a few days, but the area around the sites were drying out and getting itchy.  So, I wanted to get SERIOUS about getting rid of the poison ivy.  I bought this stuff called Calagel.  It’s also made by the people who make Tecnu.  It immediately stopped the itching.  It’s WONDERFUL.  But, I now have some hypersensitivity to hot water.  Not sure what’s worse (the itching….). 

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Sorry this posting is gross, but I guess I just wanted to put it out there that poison ivy sucks.  I hope no one gets it.  EVER.


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So sorry that I haven’t been around, but I went on an AWESOME vacation!  My parents invited my siblings and I (and our significant others) to go on a cruise.

Parents chillin in the room

My brother opted out, as he wants to save his vacation days for later, but my sister and her husband did go.

Ish and Allen

The nice thing about this trip was that it left out of Baltimore, so no pre-travel for me!  This was actually the second time I’ve taken this same trip on the Carnival Pride.  I’ve heard from other people that they prefer other lines such as Royal Caribbean, but I had a good experience on Carnival both times.

What I love about cruises is that you have to worry about NOTHING.

Towel Monkey

You have your room, you get a card that is your key, your payment method, and your ticket to getting on/off the boat.  That’s really all you need, other than a bathing suit, a towel, and sunscreen.  Plus, there is no real traveling.  I didn’t have to fly to the islands, I just boarded a boat and ended up at the beach.

Towel Bunny

LOVE it.  Some down sides to cruising is the timing of the excursions and the cost of extras.  I dislike arriving at a gorgeous beach at 7am on my vacation and then having to be back on the boat by 2pm.  What is that???  I’m on vacation!  Also, if you want to buy a mixed drink, be ready to shell out $10 each.  It stinks.

My parents are professional cruisers, so they have imparted the tricks of the trade on us.  You can bring

Towel Dog

some water bottles on the trip, so my advice is to pour some clear liquor in some water bottles to bring on.  I was able to get a full bottle of Captain Morgan Spiced

Towel Dino

Rum on in my suitcase as it was hidden within my shampoos and stuff.  Ernie tried to get some bottles on, but since he didn’t pack any toiletries (I had them all), the bottles were easy to find, and they were taken from us. (My bad)  Lesson: put your liquor in empty water bottles.

Anniversary Serenade

We celebrated our two year anniversary on the trip.  After a rocky start to they day, I got to lay on the beach, check out a conch grave yard (awesomeness!), and hang out at a shack.  This was not any shack.  This shack had every version of conch you could

Rum punch!

eat.  Which, my mom managed to do…  I ended up getting some fried plantains and I may have also drank two

Me (doing something)

rum punches…  Unfortunately there was probably orange juice along with pineapple juice in the rum punch.  I was done for the day.  Not because of the alcohol, but because of the juice.  So, it kind of sucked at dinner when I couldn’t eat anything but some cake (I couldn’t NOT eat my anniversary cake!).

Port Lucaya (Freeport)

It again rained while we were on Half Moon Cay, which sucked.  I did get to snorkel


for a bit, so that was awesome, but the rain was pretty steady for more than an hour and a half, so it wasn’t just a quick passing shower.  There really isn’t much to do on the island anyway, as it is owned by the cruising industry.  I do


like Freeport, mostly because you get that “I’m in a foreign country” experience.  To get to the beach/shopping, you have to take a taxi.  It’s a $5/person charge, but the funny thing is that the taxis stuff as many people as possible into a single taxi.  It’s hilarious.  There’s also usually no air conditioning.  And you may stop on the way to buy like $5 in gas so you don’t break down….  Ah, foreign

Debating drinks

travels :).  We discovered when we got into the straw market that the bar where we had the buckets of rum had closed down :(.  Not cool.  We did enjoy a drink called a painkiller, which was delicious.  We tried to get another on the way out from this discount bar.  But he made us long island iced teas instead.  Not what we asked for, but really cheap….  My mom may have stopped for another drink in the terminal area as well….


Drinking while being T-Rex

As for the activities/entertainment, I think you get what you want to make of it.  I went to trivia pretty much every day.  I love trivia, so that was a great late afternoon activity for

Ladies Night

me.  I don’t play Bingo so much, nor did I want to pay money for it, so that was out.  I did go see the comediens that were on board.  Two of them were ok.  They each had their moments.  But the third was a lady and she may have been the funniest person I’ve seen in real life.  She was awesome.  The

Ladies Night Food Aftermath

shows at night are only ok.  I do love musicals and all, but review shows aren’t my thing.  Though the last night was the show where some of the guests play different stars and sing.  OMG, awesome!  Elvis was so bad yet so good.  I enjoy cruising, but Ernie didn’t like it as much.  Even with the boat as big as it was, he still felt confined.  Plus, he’s not a lay out/get sun/read/listen to music kind of person, so the days at sea were extra difficult for him.

This is what I came home to:


And Garden updates:

Zucchini and cukes

Japanese eggplant, radishes, lettuce, yellow squash

Garden Update Week 5

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Garden Update Week 5

I know I’m late with this posting.  But, I hope this is worth the wait!  I have some new changes to the garden.  The first being that I picked pretty much ALL my radishes.  The second is that I had to put up some cages to hold up the tomatoes and the eggplant.  The last is that some of my stuff is not really taking.  It looks like the beets, garlic, and onions are not really taking.  I’m thinking it got a little too hot this spring, so these colder items didn’t get a chance to take.  Not sure, but that’s what I’m thinking.

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I had about a million radishes, so I ended up pickling the radishes (I had some from a CSA as well) and canning them.  Hopefully I’ll do this more this summer 🙂

Garden update Week 4

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Garden update Week 4

We had some MAJOR rain in the area on Friday night.  There were a few tornadoes even (not close to me, but close enough).  But the reason I’m mentioning this is that Friday night when I came home from dinner my container cucumbers were on the ground.  I righted them, but some damage has been done.  The leaves are looking pretty limp and the flowers have all dried out.  I’m hoping I can bring it back.  My cucumber plan in the garden is doing a bit better at least!

I thought instead of posting everything this week, I’d show what I started to harvest!  Yes, harvest!!!!

Squash blossoms, radish, basil

I harvested more than one basil leaf.  I just had used it right away.  I was trying to recreate a strawberry basil drink I’d had earlier in the week.  I even used some awesome strawberries from a CSA pick-up I got as some friends are on their honeymoon.  My version was not as good, but still fairly tasty.  And my other pic:


So, here is the ONE cucumber growing on my “dying” container cucumber.  I’m hoping some brothers and sisters join it!  Oh, and that radish was delish.  I totally ate it right after the pic.  I dipped it in a little Earth balance and added some sea salt.  ZOMG good 🙂

Garden Week Three

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Garden Week Three

So, it’s been three weeks since I decided to put together and plant a garden.  The weather here has been strange in that it’s been cold (well, in the 40s-60s) to hot (today is in the 90s).  We’ve had a week of consistent rain, strange pop-up storms, and predictions of rain with nothing to show for it.  I guess that’s the usual for spring in the Mid-Atlantic area.

It seems that with weeding out one of the squash plants the other two are doing better.  I still need to select one of these as the one I hope to grow.  My garden cukes are not growing.  My container ones are THRIVING.  Any thoughts?  Also, my red beefsteak plant has this one green tomato on it.

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